2015 Robotics Season Kickoff


Please join us next Saturday, Jan 3rd, 2015, at Huntington University Science Hall starting at 8:45am.  Huntington County 4-H Robotics will embark on our 11th season in a new facility this year at the Vocational Technical Center. We’ve been busy moving, organizing, and preparing for next weekend. (Kick off will be held at Huntington University however)

The whole team, our sponsors, any news media, parents, past alumni members are welcome to join us. The presentation start time will be 8:45am which will be an introductory presentation for new and existing members. Members who need to fill out forms can come early starting at 8:00am. Forms should be completed by the start of the presentation.

Comcast will air the kick off starting around 10:15am EST around the world for over 4,000+ other FRC teams.

Folks that are at home can stream the kick off online here:

Our team will begin our brain storming process right after lunch. Hope to see you there!

2015 Season Pre-Registration

We’re doing something a little different this year. We had an open house, now we are planning a pre-registration day this week. Thursday, December 4th at 6:30pm, come up to the Vocational Technical building to pre-register for the 2015 robotics season. If you are an existing member or new member, you can start the process by following this step by step page here:

Hope to see you guys there!

We’re excited to start the new season, here are some robot videos from last year to get you excited too!