What is robotics?

The best way to get to know what we do is to check out firstinspires.org. This is one of the organizations under which we operate with the other organization being 4H. It is so much more than just building a robot. It is learning about problem solving, team work, friendly competition, networking, marketing, presenting, future careers, and we could go on forever with the list. So check out the website above for videos and other resources to learn what robotics is all about.

Who can join and how?

We have three active teams under the umbrella of Huntington County 4H Robotics. FRC Team 1501 is open to students in high school who are interested in learning more about engineering, safety, electrical, mechanical, programming, CAD, business, accounting, marketing, photography, videography, documentation, or public speaking. No experience is necessary to join the team. We take all abilities. We usually hold an open house in December for new students to come check out the team and register. Check the calendar for future dates. FLL Team Blue Angels and FLL Team Thunderbirds are both open to students in middle school who are interested in working with Legos to learn about robotics. There is an application process to join either of these teams that gets sent out sometime in July.

What are the costs involved?

The cost for being on FRC Team 1501 vary from year to year and include traveling to competitions, ordering of team merchandise, and the membership fee for 4H. We estimate the total cost to be about $400 to $500 for the season. The cost can be much less if the student doesn’t travel with the team to every competition. It can also be much more if the student wants to order a lot of merchandise, for example. We offer several fundraisers throughout the year to help each student earn money for their expenses. We also have hardship scholarships for those who might need help. The cost for being on either FLL team is about $30 per student. This cost includes a tshirt and their membership fee to 4H.

How can an adult become involved?

We have many opportunities for adults to become involved with any aspect of any of the teams. We use adults as mentors to help guide and teach about their area of expertise. We have parents, grandparents, or other family members that volunteer to help with travel, feeding the team, fundraising, paperwork, and so on. We use adults in our cheering sections because they are always our number one fans. Adults can be become involved as much or as little as they wish. Any adult that wants to become a mentor must register as a volunteer with 4H and with the FIRST organization (both of which require background checks).