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Sun, Nov 12 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Team1501 – Downtown Christmas Light Poles
Location: Learning Center – Robotics Room 904
We have one more project to do major this year for the downtown Christmas lights. We are replacing all the lights on the light poles. By this work day, there should only be 8 poles to do. Each pole needs 480 RGB lights solder together. Along with some wires solder mid-way. Then the 480 lights need to be strung on the poles and zip-tied together. If you want to help that would be great if you can sign up to help. The lighting of the lights will be after Thanks giving. Hope everything works this year, the wireless to the poles is giving us some fits. Sorry again we are so late getting this scheduled, the lights took a long time to get here and Sunday’s seemed to be the only time left we have to get them done before Thanksgiving. (Arrival Time: 1:00 PM (Indiana (East))) (2201 N. Jefferson St. Huntington, IN 46750)