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Sun, Dec 10 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Team1501 – 2018 Season Pre-Registration
Location: Learning Center – Robotics Room 904
Team 1501 Pre-Registration for the 2018 Season. Information will be posted soon how to start all your paperwork for the season.

We have CANCELLED the CALL-OUT due to our interested is above our membership cap right now (11-13-2017)

Per our BY-LAWS this is the order we will accept memberships:

Article VI
There is a cap of 45 students on the FRC robotics team due to the limited space at the Huntington County Learning Center. Team members from the previous year, including the shadows, are admitted with first priority; next priority will be new high school students. New shadows will be accepted last, space permitting. (Arrival Time: 2:00 PM (Indiana (East))) (2201 N. Jefferson St. Huntington, IN 46750)