2013 – Week 5 – Looking like a Robot

Week 5 has came and went. Earlier we mentioned that we are behind schedule this season a few days. This has caused us to work extra hard and many long hours, including all weekend…ugh…we’ve been plagued with sickness from some our student leaders that play a key role on the team, but after this final week, the schedule looks like we are about one day behind now.

In the picture above is our electrical power and pneumatic system. We control our robot with a National Instruments CRIO controller.

We integrated some key features on the robot this weekend and found some problems. We are looking at some of those and making changes early this week. We also released for manufacturing some components of our lifting mechanism. Hopefully that will be finished up by Wednesday along with some final purchase parts we are waiting on.

On Sunday, we are planning on attending the Muncie Scrimmage, but that is unclear at the beginning of week 6 if we are going to catch-up all the way to be able to make it.

Definitely, we are planning on an Open House and robot unveil on Monday, Feb 18th, 2013 at the Community Building, please mark your calendars. Hope to see you guys there.


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