Team THRUST 1501 displays Delta ICE and FIRE at BAE Systems


Last Thursday was national “Bring your Child to Work Day”. A day that BAE Systems, Fort Wayne, IN and standing sponsor to Team THRUST put much thought into the hope and future of our kids.  Inspiring one kid at a time to develop new solutions to world problems.

THRUST was one of nine stations that more than 100 kids from the workers of BAE Systems came with their dads and moms to learn about BAE Systems. THRUST was a FIRST robotics display where kids could drive the robots around and ask about the robotics club based in Huntington, IN. Members of THRUST shared their experiences with the program and networked with BAE Systems employees and engineers about how to start or mentor robotics team from LEGO league all the way to FIRST Robotics.

Student President Samir Shaikh directed groups of 10 kids at a time with what FIRST is, how our robotics team is an integral part of life skills and most importantly, how to have fun while learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

For more information, please visit’s article. Photo provided by Seth Anderson with permission via

Please also see more photos in our gallery by Seth Anderson and other internal BAE System photographer.

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