Police Robot Demonstration Open to Public

We would like to formally invite all of you to come August 11th, Tuesday at Noon to Heir’s Park in Huntington, Indiana in the Community Building as Huntington County 4-H Robotics demonstrates the police robot designed for Huntington City Police Department officers to use at the shooting practice.

For Press Release:

The Huntington County 4-H FIRST Robotics Team was the first of its kind in Indiana, started in 2005. Since then, multiple 4-H teams have popped up across the country, binding the four H’s (Head, Heart, Hands, and Health) with the science of technology of FIRST robotics. There is no better illustration of this partnership than Huntington Robotics’ most recent project.

Three years ago, Huntington City Police Officer, Dale Osborn, approached the team and asked what happened to the “retired” robots.  He was interested in using them as a moving target for the county shooting range. The current team president, Chris Elston, offered to build him a robot specifically for the purpose instead and continuing on the project originally concepted by former team president, Al Thorn.

The team put together a preliminary design and brought it to Officer Osborn for approval. After the meeting, a budget was developed for the project–a robot with a life-like figure that can move up and down, turn 180 degrees, and move around via its base–coming to a total of about $2,500. All of this information gathered, the team started to search for possible funding options. They applied for United REMC’s Operation Round-up grant, and after a meeting with the United REMC’s board, it was approved and the project started running.

Two students, Gracie and Kaleb Fowler, agreed to head up the project, with the hopes of keeping it an almost completely student ran project. Gracie is the Student Project Engineer, and Kaleb the lead Student Mechanical Engineer. Together they gathered a group of about five other students and got to work. They also enlisted some consulting help from Curt Henderson, one of the team’s Mentor Mechanical Engineers. The project is currently in the building phase, and will be given to the Huntington City Police Department on August 11th in a special event. The public unveiling will be held at Heir’s Park in Huntington, Indiana in the Community Build at noon.

The Huntington 4-H Robotics Team felt, that due to all of the support from their community that helps keep them afloat, it would only be right to give back . This robot will be in use at the police shooting range, serving Huntington City Police Officers as well as offered to surrounding county officers. The robot will be useful in developing officers’ reaction times in real life situations, skills that are significantly harder to achieve with paper and still targets.

In addition to helping the officers and the community, it also had some extra benefits. It allowed the students to take the lead, giving them valuable leadership experience as well as a chance to develop their skills as engineers and problem solvers. Our Huntington Corporate sponsors believe in investing with our youth. They offer robotic students internships, which reciprocate and stimulate our own community with “home grown” engineers. 4-H enables robotics to be in line with the Department of Education’s state wide STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

The team will once again be competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition this year. In the past, they have done very well, winning the U.L. Industrial Safety Award and the Imagery Award at the Boilermaker Regional. They would like to thank their regular season sponsors: NASA, United Technologies, Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Henline’s Towing, BAE Systems, Wal-Mart, PHD, Inc., Breyers, Happy Cats, Cline Transfer, M&S Sheet Metal and Huntington University. You can visit their website at www.huntingtonrobotics.org

Sneak preview of drive base:


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  1. 1 Jeremy Gulley

    Wow! Huntington County 4H Robotics is an amazing group. The skills they used to provide a real-world solution to a local need is clear example of “project-based learning”. Huntington North High School has added a Civil Engineering and Architecture class for the first time and we hope to open a New Tech wing within our school by the fall of 2010. The bottom-line is that our school and community must continually work together to ensure that kids like those participating in Huntington County 4H Robotics get the preparation they need to be leaders in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Mathematics) fields and professions.

    If anyone questions the ability of our kids to compete in a high-tech world, on a global stage, let them come see the work of Huntington County 4H Robotics.
    Jeremy Gulley
    Huntington North High School

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