“I’m not that smart” to join Huntington Robotics

This is a statement we get alot when we are looking for new students to join our team. Your looking at the robot and you wonder that you can’t possibly do anything like that. I’d like to touch on fact that this is what this program is about. We are here to teach and inspire you. Focus your learning so you can expand your knowledge. Try not to look at the robot has a whole, but smaller “projects” and as we work together with the rest of team towards a common goal of building a machine to compete with the rest of the world.

One of our students posted this question on Cheif Delphi, a place on the internet where all the teams discuss the FIRST robotics competition. Here are some great quotes from other students and mentors around the world:

by tennispro9911
Its not how much knowledge you have, its how much you want to learn.

by Al Skierkiewicz
then the response should be “you are already smart enough, you just need to focus on something. Join the team and we will help you learn how to do that.”

by klrswift
Joining a FIRST team is the beginning of “smart,” not the culmination.

by Lancer Robotics
It is not brains but desire that matters

by Andy Baker
Smart is a relative term. Everyone is smart about something, but still dense about others. Once people realize that they have potential to be smart at anything, nothing can stop them.

You can read the whole post here.

Come on out and give us a try. Check out the calendar on the right and come to our next meeting.

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