PaintBall August 2nd, 8:30 AM

It’s time again for that monthly duke it out with your robotics buddies paintball cage match. Snabls are meeting at the normal place, woods by Wal-Mart August 2nd, on a Saturday morning. The start time is 8:30 AM. Let Micah know if you have any questions:


3 Responses to “PaintBall August 2nd, 8:30 AM”

  1. 1 admin

    Ouch Micah! You really should learn to use cover more..

  2. 2 Lucy

    Those are photoshopped on his skin, the welts look nothing like that and you don’t get welts on your face due to a mask that covers your face. Unless you’re stupid and decide to not wear a mask which can result In losing an eye. Next time do a better job at your photoshop.


  3. 3 Chris


    you know that this photoshopped picture was only a joke right?

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