Petition for Indiana FIRST Robotics License Plate?

Mike Kaylor writes the following:

Team 1529 has developed a unique response to Dean’s homework this year, and to implement it, we’d like your help.
We’ve designed a FIRST-themed Indiana license plate we hope to make available to the public in 2009.  Funds raised from plate sales will be equally distributed among all Indiana FIRST teams.  In order to make this a reality, we need assistance with two things.
1.  We need to submit to the BMV petitions signed by 500 individuals who intend to purchase the FIRST plate in 2009
2.  We need to submit to the BMV a surety bond of $6,000 to cover initial manufacturing costs
Although the due date is July 31, we hope to be finishing up on the fundraising and signature collection at the Boilermaker Regional, March 13-15.
We’ll unveil the license plate design at the Indiana Statehouse event this Monday.  We’ll have extra copies of the petitions there, if you’re attending and would like to take some home.  We’ll also be taking monetary collections.  If you’re unable to attend the Statehouse demonstration or would like an early start on gaining signatures, email me and I’ll send you a copy of the petition template.
Many thanks to Gary Gray and Dan Ward for once again organizing the Statehouse event, and many thanks in advance to you all for helping us promote FIRST.
Please email me with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns.
Have a great day,

Download the Following Indiana Petition

Mr. Mike Taylor
PLTW Lead Teacher
CyberCards Robotics Coach
FRC 1529
Southport High School
(317) 789-4800

Sample Indiana Plate

Team 1501 Sample

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  1. 1 Rena Jo Coffman

    Maybe we should look into this again (or even an Indiana First plate). I still want one. LOL! 🙂

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